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Robert Warsak, D.C.



Franklin Lakes Chiropractic Center



BACK PAIN-I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Warsak for 10 years. I was introduced to Dr. Warsak seeking relief for a herniated disc. I had 2 epidurals, but still no active life. Everytime I made a wrong move, my back would light up. After meeting Dr. Warsak, I was impressed with his knowledge and game plan he set for me. In a short period of time, the plan worked and I returned to my two passions, golf and running. I continue to go to Dr. Warsak when my back needs a tune up. John H.

HEADACHES-I have suffered miserably from debilitating migraines since I was a young child and I have not received any kind of relief until I quiet by accident literally (I was in a minor fender bender) came to see Dr. Warsak. During my initial consultation, my migraine history came up and he said that he might be able to help me with possibly reducing the frequency and severity of them. I had been having a particularly bad couple of months and was willing to try anything. Within a short period of time, both the severity and frequency had been reduced significantly, my quality of life has improved and I continue to see an improvement in my overall health and well being. I urge any headache or migraine sufferer to take advantage of this type of treatment. Thanks Dr. Warsak for improving the quality of my life. Lisa

BACK PAIN-Getting out of bed in the morning or out of the car, tying my shoes, getting dressed, making the beds, emptying the dishwasher, emptying the clothes dryer...these are just a few of the daily activities that gave me terrible back pain after falling and twisting my back in June of 1997 while playing tennis. After going to my primary care physician and being referred to an orthopedist, I was then prescribed to have x-rays and a MRI. My diagnosis was "lumbar strain" and was told that with physical therapy stretches and exercise, the pain MIGHT go away but I also MIGHT have this pain for the rest of my life. Extremely discouraged, but determined to get back to playing tennis, I started walking daily and doing the stretches and exercises I learned in physical therapy on a daily basis, but the pain would not go away. I even added weights and more repetitions to the exercises but even that didn't help. Then, after 13 months of constant pain, a tennis friend recommended Dr.Warsak. I made an appointment with him in July of 1998. Within a matter of a few days, after reviewing my history, x-rays and an examination, he diagnosed my problem as "lumbar facet syndrome" and started working on my back to give me some sort of relief. After 10 visits, I was back with my tennis friends playing on the court in the middle of August. To feel almost 100 % better in such a short period of time amazes me and I am so thankful that Dr.Warsak could heal my back. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Judy B.

Neck and Back Pain-If you are reading this in search of a chiropractor to help ease your pain, you need to search no longer. I was flattered when Dr. Warsak asked me to do a testimonial for his web site. I have known Dr. Warsak for almost his whole career of 30 years. I first went to him in 1983 after suffering for almost 6 months from a terrible skiing accident that caused a lot of pain in my back and neck. He treated me and I was feeling great. Then, about a month later, I was in a car accident and got injured. After going to the hospital to rule out any broken bones, I immediately sought the care of Dr. Warsak once again. He helped me with gentle yet effective adjustments for my back and neck. Eventually I was feeling a lot better and was functioning once again. A few months after that, I became pregnant and continued chiropractic care throughout my pregancy. Dr.Warsak was very gentle with his treatments. I deliveried a healthy baby boy in 6 hours, an all natural birth that I attributed to chiropractic adjustments. We moved away from the area but I still make it a point to get adjusted if we are in the area, sometimes making an appointment and driving 1 1/2 hours specifically just to go to Dr.Warsak for a much needed adjustment, as we have yet to find a chiropractor as good as Dr. Warsak. Dr.Warsak is caring, honest, and very knowledgable. You have tried the rest-now go to the best. Call him today and say "Dawn sent you !"

Chronic Neck Pain- I first went to Dr. Warsak as a last resort because my hands were going numb. Visits to orthopedic specialists and neurological tests were no help.  I was discouraged and frustrated when a friend suggested Dr.Warsak. Though skeptical about chiropractic, I went. Dr. Warsak quickly identified the cause of my numbness and then tried several techniques before determining the right treatment for my specific problem.  It worked! He not only cured the numbness, he made my neck and upper back feel better than I thought possible.  It was like a miracle with no medication and no surgery. To top it off, he taught me exercises to do at home to avoid the same problem in the future. He really wants his patients to feel good!

After relocating from NJ to Maryland, I tried various local chiropractors for occasional aches or pains. Sadly, none have been as effective as Dr. Warsak.  When local sources fail, I drive the 100 + miles to New Jersey to Dr. Warsak because I know he will help me. If you are lucky enough to be in his area and need/want to try chiropractic care, see him. He is the best ! A very grateful patient, Harriet K